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It's easy to forget that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand.  So much more than just a massage, these wellness-focused treatments will bring your mind and body deservedly back into balance.  Calming touches, soothing smells and nurturing ingredients come together to give you a well-needed boost.  And when you take care of yourself, your skin looks healthy, radiant and nourished.


A unique combination of ancestral Ayurvedic massage, with our own special know-how.  Giving you the ultimate escape from daily stresses, this deeply relaxing technique melts away tension, soothes the mind and revives the senses.  Skin will be refreshed and radiance will be restored.


Clarins Massages & Wellness Treatments at Ian McLeod Beauty Salon, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

CLARINS BEAUTY SLEEP - 70 mins | £74

Lack of sleep can really take its toll on your skin.  Don't panic.  Using specially selected products and gentle massage movements, we'll relax you from head to toe.  By inducing a meditative state, you'll be simultaneously aware of every touch, whilst also in a dreamlike zen space of relaxation which is proven to increase your sleep quality.  Expect immediate beauty results and long-term wellbeing benefits.  Skin is soothed, radiant and refreshed, whilst stress is diminished.


This vitality-boosting, mood-enhancing treatment uses energising massage movements and optimised pressure to sweep away stress and help rebalance body and mind.  Your skin will look radiant and your body will feel recalibrated.


This facial aims to soothe the mind and rebalance the skin. By combining guided breathing exercises with our deeply relaxing Ayuroma Touch massage and calming essential oils, you’ll be able to completely disconnect from the worries and anxieties of modern life in the world outside. Your mind will be rebalanced and refocused and the tension in your skin will disappear.


Freshen the face, eyes and decollete.  Targets signs of tiredness and stress to leave you looking much more rested.  A quick fix after a busy day or late night.

ADD-ONS - 20 mins | £20 each

Maximise the results of your treatment by adding a skin-boosting add-on such as a Back Massage, Hand & Foot Massage or Scalp, Neck & Decollete Massage. 

Meditate into a deep sleep

Lie down and inhale through your nose, filling the abdomen like a balloon and opening the chest area. Exhale slowly and fully, through the mouth, allowing the abdomen to deflate completely. Repeat 5 times. 

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Don't hit the snooze button

This tip might seem obvious, but how many of us never use the snooze button? Snoozing can be counterproductive because sleeping for an extra 5 to 10 minutes interferes with your body’s routine and sleep cycles. 

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Get up & exercise

Exercise promotes healthy blood circulation, which in turn improves alertness and attention. Get moving by working out or a 10 - minute walk every day to help boost the body’s endorphins, our ‘good mood’ hormones. 

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Drink plenty of water

Instead of reaching right for the coffee, begin your morning with a glass of water. Even mild dehydration can cause problems concentrating and fatigue, and after many hours of not drinking, you need to hydrate. 

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Banish electronics

Don’t go to bed with your mobile phone or iPad.  For a good night's sleep, you should turn off all electronics an hour before you go to sleep. The blue light from your mobile phone is known to interfere with the quality of sleep.

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Let the sunshine in

Make sure you pop outside to get some natural sunlight for half an hour or so a day.  Natural daylight helps boost serotonin levels, essential to boost your mood and help energise the mind and body. 

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