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Beauty Treatments At Top Sutton Coldfield Hair & Beauty Salon

We really are a one-stop-shop when it comes to your hair & beauty treatments! As well as offering a superb range of hair services, Ian McLeod Salon in Sutton Coldfield can also cater to your beauty needs.

We offer manicures, pedicures and gel nails, lash & brow treatments, waxing, holistic massages, advanced electrolysis and professional make-up services.  Book now by calling 01213 083550 or you can book hair appointments online here.

Please note:  If you are having a lash or brow tint, you will require a quick allergy alert test 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Manicures, Pedicures & Gel Nails

Treat yourself to a luxurious nail experience at Ian McLeod Beauty Salon in the West Midlands where our nail technicians offer the best manicures, pedicures and gel nails in Sutton Coldfield.

We use globally renowned Jessica nail products which are enriched with nurturing botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins and proteins to improve nails at their core. You can expect your nails to be beautifully shaped, your cuticles perfected and your skin nourished, before completing your mani or pedi with a super shiny nail polish colour of your choosing.


Best Nail Bar in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Lash Lifting at Ian McLeod Hair & Beauty Salon in Sutton Coldfield

Lashes & Brows

Beautifully shaped brows and lush, long lashes can now be yours thanks to the talented beauty therapists in our top Sutton Coldfield brow bar. 

Our services range from the latest lash lift treatment and eyelash tinting to brow reshaping and brow tints. The results are incredible. No mascara, no brow pencil; no messing - just perfection from the moment you wake!  Your lash technician will be happy to help you find the ideal treatment for you, taking into account your eye shape, desired look and lifestyle.

Please note: A skin test is required prior to tinting services.


Hair Removal In Sutton Coldfield

Waxing is one of the fastest and safest ways to remove stubborn, unwanted hair.  For hair removal on your arms, legs & back, we use the PHD Safewax warm waxing treatment where individually packaged applicator heads are used and then disposed of after your treatment.

Hot wax is highly effective in removing hair from more intimate areas and we offer Bikini, Hollywood, Brazilian and Californian waxing.  We also have a number of male clients who use our waxing hair removal service, with popular gents' treatments including (but not limited to) chest, back and shoulder waxing.  


Waxing Hair Removal In Sutton Coldfield
Skin tag removal, thread vein removal, electrolysis in Sutton Coldfield

Skin Tag & Thread Vein Removal

Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of removing skin imperfections such as Red Veins, Spider Nevi, Skin Tags, Verrucas, Warts, and Milias.

It is perfectly normal for the treated area to be slightly red and swollen after electrolysis. This will disappear within a few hours but on occasion can last a little longer. Your experienced therapist will give after-care advice and post-treatment care suggestions. 

Advanced Electrolysis - 15 mins £46       

Advanced Electrolysis - 30 mins £76 

Holistic Massages 

We offer a range of holistic treatments at our beauty salon in Sutton Coldfield, including relaxing Indian head massage, reflexology and Swedish body massage to help treat aches and pains, and encourage deep relaxation.

Massage is useful for relieving pain and injuries, but can also be used for enhancing physical performance, increasing mobility and neck strains as a result of bad posture. Our soothing treatments are designed to help reduce stress levels and built-up tension in the body. 

Our therapists are qualified in a number of different styles and can create the best treatment suited to your needs. We also offer a range of blissfully relaxing and utterly indulgent Clarins massages.


Holistic Massages at Ian McLeod Beauty Salon in Sutton Coldfield
Professional Make Up at Ian McLeod Beauty Salon in Sutton Coldfield

Professional Make-Up At Ian McLeod 

A professional make-up service can transform the way you look and feel and massively boost your confidence.

Our Ian McLeod make-up artist will suggest a range of stunning looks to make you look and feel gorgeous. From bold, red lipstick to luscious dark lashes, brightly coloured lids and barely-there make-up, we will advise you of all the latest make-up trends and techniques.

Every make-up application is tailored to the individual. Our artists will assess your face shape & colouring before creating a bespoke look, tailored to you.